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Stated Meeting Minutes Oct. 2 & 3, 2020



October 2 and 3, 2020




The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area gathered virtually, via Zoom Videoconference, on October 2, 2020 at 4:00pm and October 3, 2020 at 9:00am.  The meeting packet, including all written reports, are attached as Exhibit A.


Moderator Anna Kendig opened the meeting with prayer at 4:00 pm on October 2, 2020 and led the presbytery in a period of spiritual grounding.  Moderator Kendig then declared that since this virtual meeting is not authorized by the presbytery’s bylaws, all actions taken at the meeting will be ratified by the presbytery at the first in-person meeting we are able to convene.


The roll was formed as presbyters joined the Zoom meeting, and those registering their attendance in advance were also identified at that time. After ascertaining that at least three ruling elders from three different churches and at least 3 teaching elders were present, Moderator Kendig declared a quorum was present.


The Agenda was approved.  The Omnibus Motion and Consent Agenda and Minutes of the January 25, 2020 stated meeting, all of which had been published for comments before the meeting, were APPROVED.  These documents are attached hereto as Exhibit B and Exhibit C, was approved.


Moderator Kendig yielded the gavel to Vice Moderator Jean Emmons, who assumed the chair and welcomed Stephanie Friant, a candidate under care and certified ready to receive a call, to the meeting for examination as recommended by the Commission on Ministry.   Stephanie is a member of Grace-Trinity Church in Minneapolis; she has received a call to serve as Chaplain for “His House Foundation” in Minneapolis; the call has been validated by COM.


Stephanie read her Statement of Faith, attached as Exhibit D, to the presbytery.  The Vice Moderator declared that questions exploring Stephanie’s faith statement, her wisdom and maturity in faith, her leadership, compassionate spirit and sound judgment were in order.  After a period of questions and answers, the Vice Moderator declared the examination arrested, and asked Stephanie to leave the meeting for a period of presbytery deliberation.  After hearing endorsements from the Rev. Daniel Vigilante, Grace Trinity Church, Minneapolis, MN and the Committee on Preparation for Ministry chair Rev. Rebecca Fletcher, the Vice Moderator called for a vote on the recommendation that the presbytery sustain the examination and authorize the ordination of Stephanie Friant.  The motion CARRIED.


Stephanie rejoined the meeting and was welcomed and congratulated, and the presbytery approved her ordination plans by acclimation.  The Vice Moderator offered prayer of thanksgiving.


The Vice Moderator yielded the gavel to Moderator Anna Kendig who then resumed the chair.  TE Jeff Japinga was recognized, and he presented the Report of the Executive Presbyter.


Moderator Kendig recognized the Vice Moderator, Jean Emmons, for her report, followed by the Stated Clerk, Barbara Lutter, for her report.  These reports are attached as Exhibit E and as seen on page 20 under Exhibit A.


The Moderator then declared the meeting in recess until October 3, 2020 at 9:00 am and offered prayer.


On October 3, 2020 at 9:00am, the Moderator declared the meeting open with prayer and devotions.  She then yielded the gavel to Vice Moderator Jean Emmons, who assumed the chair.


The Vice Moderator recognized TE Scott Larson, First Presbyterian Church, Shakopee, MN, who made the following motion:


Since new church development is vital to the ongoing ministry of this Presbytery, and it costs little to begin the conversation, recruit interested parties, develop vision and discern needs in potential communities; and since the changing landscape of the American Church in the midst of this pandemic creates an ideal time to plan for the future as we emerge from this pandemic; we move that the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area invite Presbyterian Mission Agency and 1001 New Worshipping Communities or other similar entities to lead an Exploring Missional Leadership Event to be hosted via Zoom at the earliest opportunity.


 The motion was seconded.  The motion CARRIED.  This matter was assigned to the Presbytery Leadership Team for its recommendations.


The Vice Moderator then announced that TE Katie Estes, who has been a member of the presbytery for 28 years, has accepted a call from the First Presbyterian Church, Green Bay, WI. Katie was congratulated on this new call, and she was thanked for her faithful service to the PTCA. 


Vice Moderator Emmons yielded the gavel to Moderator Kendig. 


Moderator Kendig recognized and thanked committee chairs who are completing their terms with the implementation of the new committee structure including:


TE Don Patterson, HR, Committee on Ethics

RE Mike Quady, Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, MN, Committee on Congregational Vitality

TE Brenda Alexander, HR, Mission and Witness Committee

TE David Stewart, HR, Self-Development of People Committee

TE David Parker, Church of the Way, Shoreview, MN, Committee on Ministry

TE Carol Reed, Calvin Presbyterian Church, Long Lake, MN, Committee on Ministry


The Moderator offered prayer in thanks for these leaders’ faithful service.


The Executive Presbyter, TE Jeff Japinga was recognized; he presented Moderator Anna Kendig and Chair of the Presbytery Leadership Team RE Rocky Rockenstien, with gifts from the presbytery in thanks for their **extended** service and leadership during the first year of the COVID 19 Pandemic.


Moderator Kendig then recognized RE Tom Ruter, Chair of Nominating and Developing Leaders Committee, who nominated the following persons to serve on presbytery committees or commissions, as seen in Exhibit F.


There were no nominations from the floor, and the slate of nominees were ELECTED by acclimation.


Tom then nominated the following for election:


RE Jean Emmons, Moderator

TE Greg Bolt, Vice Moderator

TE Anna Kendig, Chair of Presbytery Leadership Team


There were no nominations from the floor, and these officers were ELECTED without objection.


Moderator Kendig then presided over the installation of the new officers. 


Moderator Jean Emmons was presented with the symbols of her office:  gavel, stole and cross. 


Vice Moderator Greg Bolt was presented with the symbol of his office, the pectoral cross.


At the conclusion of the installation service, Moderator Emmons offered the closing benediction and at 10:20 a.m. the meeting was adjourned.