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Liberty Community Church Mission


The Liberty Community Church Mission Team exists to support the outreach and community engagement ministry of the Liberty Community Church congregation in North Minneapolis. What started in 2001 as a task force to provide strategic support and introduce the Kwanzaa Community Church (now Liberty Church) and its community ministry to the broader Presbytery has now transformed into a ministry and mission of its own.  As ambassadors, members of the Liberty Community Church Mission Team work along side co-pastors Dr. Alika Galloway and Dr. Ralph Galloway to act as representatives to share and promote the work being done at Liberty’s 21st Century Academy and Liberty’s Northside Healing Space. As ambassadors we not only share the vision and outreach work of Liberty’s community engagement ministry within our individual congregations, but it is also an opportunity that takes each one of us outside of our comfort zones. As one mission team member stated, “This is a learning experience.” As members of the mission team we volunteer our time to work in a number of ways such as sharing professional expertise, culture, life experience, or filling in wherever there is a need.  This is a great way to experience the reciprocal nature of Christ’s love in community. Join us! Be an ambassador for Christ!  


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