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Emerge Oct. 18, 2019

Presbytery News
Stated Clerk Issues Call to Prayer
Stated Clerk issues Call to Prayer

Your Moderators and I are greatly troubled by the political struggle that is underway in our nation's capital, as well as other developments in the U.S. and around the world, and we feel led to call upon all Presbyterians to join us in a season...

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Ministry Today:
A Congregation-Wide Worldwide Feast
What unique ministry practice happens in your congregation? What might you share with the Presbytery, an expression of our wider connection to each other? Send your Ministry Today ideas and stories to Jeff Japinga, executive presbyter, at
The first Sunday in October is known across the Presbyterian Church (USA) as Worldwide Communion Sunday, an opportunity for congregations large and small, east and west, north and south, to emphasize and celebrate the unity of the church around the common practice of communion.
At First Presbyterian, that means moving the worship service out of the sanctuary and into the fellowship hall, where tables have been set and decorated. There, a usual Sunday liturgy features hymns sung, confession spoken, pardon granted, the Word read and spoken, the sacrament of communion celebrated. An elder at each table helps distribute the communion elements. And then, with this nod to the early church, lunch is served: fruit and meat and nuts and drink, shared around table with conversation and laughter.
Jeff's Jottings:
But Have You...
"But, um... have you made any difference?" leads Jeff to ponder even more questions: Has my work really mattered? Did anyone or anything really change because of my ministry? Does the church work? In these days of societal discord and climate catastrophe and the seeming re-ascendency of white supremacy, does the Gospel transform people?
Around the Presbytery
Healing Minnesota Stories Offers Dakota Sacred Site Tours
October 27, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
St. Peter's Catholic Church, St. Paul
Healing Minnesota Stories is an effort to create understanding and healing between Native American and non-Native people, particularly those in various faith communities. Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs, Director of Racial Justice at Healing Minnesota Stories, is a member of the PTCA.
Native people have suffered deep trauma over many years, losing their land, language, and culture, and all who call Minnesota home are the lesser for it. While many people and institutions contributed to that trauma, it happened with the full participation of Christian churches. We all still need healing, healing is doable, and churches have a role to play in healing. We believe in the power of healing stories. Stories heal because they make invisible pain visible. The listener and storyteller are both healed by their acts.
Churches and all faith communities can play a key role in promoting and experiencing healing by opening ourselves to our own history and listening to the stories of Native people. Through the sharing and retelling of old traumatic stories, we can create new positive ones.
Healing Minnesota Stories and the Minnesota Council of Churches are have announced dates for open Dakota Sacred Site Tours. These tours visit sites in the Twin Cities sacred to the Dakota people. Participants will experientially learn about the history of our land in a way that facilitates healing. To register for the event list above or for another one of these transformative experiences, please contact Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs at:
Fall 2019 PTCA Anti-Racism Task Force Announce Scholarships for Anti-Racism Training Events
PTCA's Anti-Racism Task Force is offering scholarships for upcoming anti-racism trainings, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
To encourage attendance by a cohort of participants from PTCA to increase impact in PTCA, we will prioritize scholarships for the following events (click underlined text for link):
As funds are available, we will consider awarding scholarships for other events through December 2019 intended to equip participants to identify and eliminate racist practices, procedures, structures, within churches/ other institutions and their communities.
Scholarships will be awarded for up to 50% of participant costs (with the option of covering more than 50% of the participant cost with rationale provided and when funds are available). Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, until funds are exhausted. Please complete application online.
Scholarship recipients must agree to (1) attend a debrief conversation with PTCA Anti-Racism Task Force representative(s) or their designate immediately following or during anti-racism training event to discuss learning and begin planning applications in local congregations/ communities and PTCA and (2) participate in a follow-up debrief conversation (via Zoom) with PTCA Anti-Racism Task Force representative(s) 6-8 weeks after anti-racism training event.
Resources and Conferences
City-wide Palestinian Film Festival Continues Through October 24th
In celebration of Bright Stars of Bethlehem's 15th Anniversary, partner Congregations across the Twin Cities, MN are hosting a city-wide film festival, featuring Palestinian films, including many by our Dar al-Kalima students and faculty.
All proceeds go to support the work of Bright Stars of Bethlehem and its arts and cultural initiatives through Dar al-Kalima University for Palestinian children, students, families and older adults. See the .PDF link below for date/time/loacation/description of the films.
Employment Opportunities
Music Director - Chain of Lakes Church
11 hours a week; salary negotiable and consistent with experience.
The Music Director will lead the existing Praise Band at Chain of Lakes Church. He or she will select music, lead a rehearsal, attend a few meetings, and lead music in worship. Chain of Lakes is a growing congregation that plans to break ground within a year on a new building. Join a growing church in a growing area. More details at Email Paul Moore for more information at
Pianist - First/Maple Plain
First Presbyterian Church of Maple Plain is seeking a pianist for our Sunday services, which includes planning the music for Sundays, providing accompaniment for songs and hymns during the service, and accompanying the choir and praise band.   This is a part-time position for 10-12 hours per week including Wednesday practice with the choir.
Must be proficient in playing piano. The ability to play organ and other keyboards is preferred.
To apply, please call 763-479-2758.
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