09-12-17 Presbytery Meeting in Red Wing, MN

9-12-17 Presbytery Meeting in Red Wing, MN

9-12-17 Presbytery Meeting in Red Wing, MN

Our Farewell to Stated Clerk, The Rev. Bill Davnie


Emerge March 29, 2018

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EMerge is a newsletter of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. Through most of the year it is published weekly and distributed to congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders, church members, committees and friends of the presbytery. Please send submissions and address corrections to office@ptcaweb.org.
March 29, 2018
A Holy Week Prayer
Easter Cross The work of the church this Holy Week is centered where it should be -- in the ministry and proclamation of our 61 local congregations. EMerge will return next week in its entirety; for now, we join our voice with our congregations, through the words of Walter Bruggemann. Blessed Easter.
Christ is risen!
We give thanks for the gift of Easter
that runs beyond our expectations,
beyond our categories of reason,
even more, beyond the sinking sense of our own lives.
We know about the powers of death,
powers that persist among us,
powers that drive us from you, and
from our neighbour, and
from our best selves.
We know about the powers of fear and greed and
and brutality and certitude.
powers before which we are helpless.
And then you - you at dawn, unquenched,
you in the darkness,
you on Saturday,
you who breaks the world to joy.
Yours is the kingdom ... not the kingdom of death,
Yours is the power ... not the power of death,
Yours is the glory ... not the glory of death.
Yours ... You ... and we give thanks
for the newness beyond our achieving.
~ Walter Brueggemann,
Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth


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