Transforming NextGen

Transforming NextGen has a singular goal:
Connecting community youth with adults of all faiths ~ from churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, sacred circles and other traditional meeting places ~ to prepare them for safe, successful futures by preventing them from involvement with the criminal justice system: detention, arrest & incarceration.

Why wait until it is too late?

It is so very easy to become a statistic; one more demographic in the endless reports of our societal malaise and the numbers of youth, especially young men of color, caught up in a system that may be inescapable. While “alternatives” to incarceration are critically important for those already headed into the criminal justice system, We believe that prevention is a better choice. Transforming NextGen has a vision: to fill the gap between youth and their communities through positive one-to-one relationships with trusted adults, providing teens safe places for work, exploring life’s values, restorative justice / Peace Circles, vocational discovery and play.

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