Stated Clerk for PTCA - Eagan, MN

Job Title:  Stated Clerk                                 
Date: September  2017

15 hours per week, exempt/salaried with understanding of taking comp time when one week is unusually heavy.

Approved by: Presbytery  
Accountable to: Presbytery
Reports to: Presbytery Leadership Team  through the Personnel Committee

Application Form for Stated Clerk for the PTCA

Job Summary:
The Stated Clerk serves as corporate secretary under the Minnesota Non-profit Corporation Act (MN Stat. 317.A), and shall write all official correspondence of the Presbytery.
The Stated Clerk shall record the transactions of the body, keep its rolls of membership and attendance including the rolls of all Certified Christian Educators and Certified Associate Christian Educators and all Ruling Elders commissioned to particular pastoral service, preserve its records, and furnish extracts from them when required by another council of the church. Such extracts, verified by the clerk, shall be evidence in any council of the church. (G-3.0104).
The Stated Clerk serves as the principal staff resource to the Permanent Judicial Commission, the Bills and Overtures Committee and administrative commissions, and resources the work of the Nominating Committee. At the direction of the Executive Presbyter the Stated Clerk may provide staff services to the Board of Trustees and other committees.
Duties & Essential Job Functions:
As Corporate Secretary:
1.    Executes legal documents on behalf of the Presbytery, as directed, and is authorized to sign checks.
2.    Files the Annual registration Statement for Non-profit corporations.

Maintenance of Records:
1.    Serves as liaison with the Office of The General Assembly, exchanging and submitting statistics as requested, exchanging and transmitting information to congregations, overseeing sessions’ filing of statistics.
2.    Coordinates the submission of all session reports to Presbytery as well as the non-parish pastor’s reports.
3.    Determines time and venue for annual review of session minutes and presentation of the continuing education necessary for session clerks. Generally this is a minimum of two Saturdays, plus individual reviewing the minutes of those clerks who do not attend those meetings.
4.    Maintains, reviews and recommends any needed changes on the Manual of Operations, policies and procedures, and Articles of Incorporation.
5.    Oversees the publication/editing of membership directory.

Resourcing the Meetings of Presbytery and Presbytery Leadership Team (PLT):
1.    Takes, prepares, and distributes minutes of meetings of the PLT.
2.    Acts as liaison to host churches for Presbytery meetings; writes the call to Presbytery meetings, solicits  requests for docket time, co-ordinates the work of the PLT and worship planning team in preparation of the Presbytery docket.
3.    Attends Presbytery meetings, serving as parliamentarian, takes or oversees the taking of minutes, reviews and prepares final minutes before publication.

Provision of Staff Services:
1.    Serves as principal staff to the Bills and Overtures Committee of the Presbytery and the Permanent Judicial Commission to interpret the Constitution, the decisions of the General Assembly and subsequent amendments to the Constitution in the case of B&O. For the PJC, facilitates the work of the commission, training of the PJC and ICs, providing neutral support to both sides involved in the judicial process.
2.    Trains all administrative commissions, as needed, and serves as resource.
3.    Provides staff services to committees at the direction of the Executive Presbyter. For Committee on Ministry, interprets polity, facilitating transfer of teaching elders, candidates and inquirers to and from other presbyteries.
4.    Ensures orientation for Commissioners to the General Assembly.
5.    Resources the Nominating Committee, informing the chair of all resignations, and of new persons available to serve on various committees.
6.    Performs other duties as assigned.

1.    Attends staff meetings as called.
2.    Attends Polity conference annually.
3.    Optional attendance at General Assembly.

1.    Must be a Teaching or Ruling elder (G-3.0104), and eligible for membership in the Presbytery.
2.    Possesses a working knowledge of the Book of Order and the Constitution and their practical application in the life of the church.
3.    Knowledgeable of parliamentary procedure/Roberts Rules of Order.
4.    Detail oriented.
5.    Computer literate and comfortable with communicating, writing and exchanging information electronically.

Personnel Review:
An annual review is required, as well as a more comprehensive review to be conducted at the end of each three year term.  

Term of Office:
1.    The Stated Clerk is elected by the Presbytery for a 3 year terms and is eligible for an additional three-year term following an end-of-term review.
2.    The Stated Clerk may be removed from office prior to completion of his or her term of service through the use of the process outlined in G-3.0110. (G-3.0104)
3.    The provisions of the Personnel Policies of the Presbytery shall apply to the Stated Clerk.

Acknowledgement for receipt of Job Description:
I have received a copy of Job Description and have read and understand its contents.
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Employee Signature and Date

Application Form for Stated Clerk for the PTCA

Teaching Elder wishing to become a member of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area

Are you previously ordained as a Teaching Elder?
Required: Membership Application
Optional: Application for Validation of Ministry (chaplain, professor, etc).

Are you not yet ordained, but are certified ready to seek a call by a PCUSA presbytery?
Required: Membership Application - Certified Ready for Call
Optional: Application for Validation of Ministry - Certified Ready for Call (chaplain, professor, etc).

Submit the appropriate forms and the Committee on Membership will schedule an interview. All applicants must complete a successful background check before membership is granted. After you submit paperwork, the Stated Clerk will be in contact with you to fill out paperwork for the background check.

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